Ribnovo is a village in Bulgaria, located in the Rhodope Mountains. It is known for its unique wedding traditions. Ribnovo wedding A blend of Pagan and other traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. The wedding celebration in Ribnovo typically lasts three days and includes a series of rituals. and ceremonies to bring good luck and prosperity to newlyweds. The festivities begin with the matchmaking, where the parents of the groom-to-be visit. home of the bride-to-be to negotiate the terms of marriage. On the first day of the wedding, a ceremony called "bride" is performed for the bride. The bride's face is covered with a white cream and figures are drawn with various scales. Then, silver-colored ribbons are hung from top to bottom. It is decorated with flowers at the top of the head. Generally Roses are used.

On the second day, the wedding procession is held in which the groom and his family participate. They go to the bride's house to pick her up and bring her back to her parents' house. This procession is accompanied by traditional music, dance and colorful costumes. The third day is devoted to a banquet and dance, with traditional Bulgarian food and drink offered to the guests. One of the most unique aspects of the Ribnovo wedding is the role of the "oro" dance. The Oro is a traditional hoop dance performed during the wedding celebration. with guests holding hands and dancing around the newlyweds. The dance is believed to bring luck and abundance to the couple. Overall, the Ribnovo wedding offers a fascinating cultural experience. Check out the rich customs and traditions of Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains region.